Free time

Solo show
Curated by Miha Kelemina and Lara Plavčak
Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, 2020

In the exhibition, a part of her project Time Transfusion, intermedia artist Lina Rica continues exploring the contemporary perception of time. She places the collective and personal experience of an individual in today’s information society at the forefront, especially in the current epidemic situation, which the world was not ready for.

Our perception of time is fused with memories, feelings, plans and expectations. When the quarantine was introduced, the general uncertainty made it seem that only the present is available to us. Despite the privileged position of those who could stay at home, this “donated” present, which would mean all the time in the world – including free time –, soon proved itself problematic. From home, people were expected to continue their hyperproductivity, not just to work remotely. The result for many was a fusion of work and free time that extended across days and blurred the lines of routines.

The unfamiliar crisis situation demanded a personal psychological toll that remained unaddressed at first, with media culture encouraging hysterical creativity and task completion. Our free time is defined by content; it is still necessary to fill it up, even though it is defined as the unproductive consumption of time. Free time is affirmed as a universal basic human right that has been won, yet is inaccessible to many, as it is dangerous. It is a time for a pause, for reflection, creativity, new energy and new ideas, which can be critical of a particular system or society as a whole.

Curators: Miha Kelemina, Lara Plavčak

Organisation: SCCA-Ljubljana and Kino Šiška