Time Transfusion

Video, Silkscreen, Action, Photography, Animated Light Sign

Time Transfusion is an ongoing, time-based multi media project that consist of series of works dealing with our perception of time and our use of time in the Information Age.

The prints Time and It’s Time are the appropriations of the time measuring tools, a weekly calendar and a digital clock.

It's Time copy

It’s Time
silkscreen/light box. 42 cm x 60 cm. Produced and printed: Oficina Arara, Porto.2017 


two-color silkscreen. 21 cm x 29 cm.
Producer: International Centre for Graphic Arts in Ljubljana. Printed by Slavko Pavlin. 2016 

From Sea to Sea

In the action From Sea to Sea, the author is transfusing three deciliters of sea water from one sea to another sea, Alboran Sea to Adriatic Sea, Adriatic Sea to North Sea, North Sea to Atlantic Ocean… The action is a poetic gesture, a metaphor for the neo-nomadic lifestyle and the quest for understanding our position and role in the dynamics of rapidly changing systems. The action started in 2006. 




The installation Time Transfusion holds a large scale projection showing one-shot videos of the seas where the transfusion took place. In the installation set up I am using mirrors to juxtapose different videos sourced from one projection.


Time Transfusion / Installation. HD Videos, Mirrors, Light Box. 220 cm x 300 cm x 500 cm. Open studios @ De Liceiras, Porto. 2017


Time Transfusion / Installation. HD Video, Light Box. 210 cm x 600 cm x 100 cm. Centralna postaja, Maribor. 2017