Time Transfusion

Video, Silkscreen, Action, Photography, Animated Light Sign
2016 – ongoing

Time Transfusion is an ongoing, time-based multimedia project that consist of series of works dealing with the nature of time, our perception of time and our use of time in the Information Age.


Tanja Spoljar:  Time Transfusion – text for the solo show in AK Gallery in Koprivnica, 2021

Miha Kelemina in Lara Plavčak: Free Time – text for the solo show in Kino Šiška, 2020

Jasna Jernejšek: Time Transfusion – text for the solo show Pretakanje časa in the Centre for Contemporary Art, 2018

Mercè Alsina: NOWHERE / NOW HERE – text for the solo show Time Transfusion at Capella de Sant Corneli, 2019

Time Transfusion / solo show @ AK Gallery, koprivnica, 2021

now here nowherenow here nowhere

Time Transfusion / solo show @ capella de sant corneli – museu de cardedeu, cardedeu, barcelona, 2019


two-color silkscreen. 21 cm x 29 cm.
Producer: International Centre for Graphic Arts in Ljubljana. Printed by Slavko Pavlin. 2016

Time Transfusion.Center for Contemporary Arts – LjubljanaTime Transfusion. Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana

IMG_5982-10artist talk with curator jasna jernejšek at the centre for contemporary art in ljubljana, 2018

It's Time copy
It’s Time
silkscreen/light box. 42 cm x 60 cm. Produced and printed: Oficina Arara, Porto.2017

Time Transfusion / Installation. HD Videos, Mirrors, Light Box. 220 cm x 300 cm x 500 cm. Open studios @ De Liceiras, Porto. 2017

Time Transfusion / Installation. HD Video, Light Box. 210 cm x 600 cm x 100 cm. Centralna postaja, Maribor. 2017