Action. With Tonka Maleković


Punta Arta, Zlarin

“Kampolis is a fantasy dreamt by Tonka Maleković and Lina Rica, a
utopian revitalization of the abandoned and devastated military
facilities on Cape Marin. This small marine complex had been a
forbidden zone for local inhabitants till 1990; now, awaiting tourist
prosperity and numerous beds that will make it a forbidden zone again,
it is still a favourite beach on the island. No other visions for the
future of the existing infrastructure and facilities have been
envisaged but exploitation tourism with the pretensions to make it
elite and the wish to make it massive. The Kampolis project tries to
create an illusion, at least temporarily, of a different purpose that
cannot be reduced to a banal catering product but that will motivate
the islanders and visitors to utilize the space taking responsibility
for the environment, unburdened by profit making, through settings of
a utopian sanctuary for illegal campers. The first step towards this
activist utopia was made by the artists themselves; they cleaned parts
of the complex and mapped the area for potential programs. After
opening, the complex was left to the local people and their
not-so-formal guests to use and expand it.”

                                                                                                                       Jasna Jakšić

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