Lina Rica (b Makarska, 1980) is an intermedia artist working in the field of installation using video, prints, photography and animation. In her work she addresses the social processes of past and present worlds and their influences on the contemporary individual. She got her master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2008 with the award for the best graduation theses in the printmaking department. Her works have been showcased and published nationally and internationally and her prints are part of the collection of the International Centre of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana; Oficina Arara in Porto; Critical Mass Portfolio and Femicomix Portfolio. In 2012 she launched an artist run project GaleRica. Since 2010 Lina has performed at different venues combining real-time generated animations with captured and live video. Together with other artist she formed an audio visual acoustic and electronic noise ensemble Marta Fakuch in 2019. From 2020 she is a part of a audio visual trio Etceteral. She lives in Ljubljana.


2003 – 2008 ALU, Zagreb, Croatia
2008 ALUO, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 – 2003 ALU, Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Hercegovina
2000 Art and Design, Cavendish Collage, London, United Kingdom

Solo shows and projects:

2019 Time Transfusion, Capella de Sant Corneli, Museo de Cardedeu, Barcelona                                                                                  2018 Time Transfusion, SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana                                                                                                  2017 Time Transfusion, De Liceiras, Porto                                                                                                                                                    2017 Time Transfusion, Centralna postaja, Maribor
2016 Beyond Seven Mountains and Seven Seas, GaleRica, Makarska
2014 Tekstom(l)at, Gallery LiberSPACE, with Boštjan Čadež, Zagreb
2014 After the End, City Gallery Antun Gojak, Makarska
2013 After the End, Gallery Nano, Zagreb
2012 Opening of the artist run space ‘GaleRica’, Makarska
2012 Printmaking series Not all is Black and White, MGLC, Ljubljana
2010 You Have Already Seen This on Films, Cabinet of Printmaking, HAZU, Zagreb
2009 Black and Green, Gallery Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb
2008 Greetings from the Future, Operacija:Grad, Zagreb
2008 Kampolis, Punta Arta, with Tonka Maleković, Zlarin
2007 Streets, rooms, Gallery Križić Roban, Zagreb
2006 Light Kitchen, Licht.Blick.Hafen, Frankfurt Luminal 06, w/ Tonka Maleković, Mainz                                                               
2006 Public sculpture Lonja Flows, Ivanić Grad                                                                                                                                            2006 Public sculpture BIH Id, Distrikt Brčko

Group shows, festivals and projects:

2019 Cracks, AV Live with Marko Batista, Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana
2019 Marta Fakuch, Radar, Radio Študent 50th anniversary, Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana
2018 24th International Festival of Computer Arts, AV Live with Marko Batista, Salon of applied arts, Maribor

2018 AV Friform with Bálint Bolcsó and Samo Kutin, Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana

2018. Lightning Guerila, Colors, Cukrarna, Ljubljana
2018. Unprofessional, Gallery Art, Podgorica
2018. AV Friform with Hunjoo Jung, osmo/za, Ljubljana

2017 Lightning Guerila, RE:action, Horizontalie, Nova Gorica

2017 Radar#8, Vozlišče, Modri Kot, Tovarna Rog, Ljubljana

2016 The Centres of Printmaking, MGLC, Ljubljana

2016 Beyond the Globe, 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art-U3, with Boštjan Čadež, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana

2016 22nd International Computer Arts Festival, Maribor
2016 7th Croatian Prints Triennial, Strossmayer Gallery, Zagreb
2016 Code Pile, Lighting Guerrilla, with Lenka Đorojević, Maja Burja, Staš Vrenko, Ljubljana

2016 Simplicity, Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana
2015 18th International Print Biennial, Varna
2015 Kup, Strictly Analog, Lighting Guerrilla, with Lenka Đorojević, Saša Spačal, Maja Burja and Staš Vrenko, Ljubljana

2015 Drava Art Biennial, Koprivnica
2015 Femicomix, Komikaze, Crack, Rome
2015 Zik Zag, City of Women, with Boštjan Čadež, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana
2015 Slovenian prints from MGLC collection, Check Point Paint Art Gallery, Trst
2015 Radart, Radio Študent, Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana
2015 The Noise is Us, Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
2015 Metamedia, Nano, Galley SC, Zagreb
2014 Crossings, International Centre of Graphic Art, Ljubljana
2014 Škver, Mali Lošinj

2014 Novo doba, Beograd
2014 Criticall Mass portfolio, Fundación CIEC, Betanzos
2014 Criticall Mass portfolio, Proyecto ACE, Buenos Aires
2014 The Noise is Us, Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
2013 Škver, Mali Lošinj
2013 Novo doba, Beograd
2013 Criticall Mass portfolio, SGCI Conference PRINT:MKE, Milwaukee, Winsconsin; in.print.out Triennial, University of Applied Arts, Wiena; Little Gallery, Department of Art, University of Calgary; ArtLab contemporary print, Uclan

2013 Production 2010 – 2012, MGLC, Ljubljana
2012 Paralelni Svetovi, Metelkova, Ljubljana
2012 Elevate, Graz
2012 Vidim Tresk, Ljubljana
2011 Paralelni svetovi, Metelkova, Ljubljana
2011 Split Graphic, Old Town Hall, Split
2011 Criticall Mass Portfoilo, Southern Graphics Council, ST Louis, USA; Print Symposium Wrexham, Wales

2010 Paralelni svetovi, Matelkova, Ljubljana
2009 ESSL AWARD, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb
2009 5th Croatian Triennial of Printmaking, Meštrović Pavilion, Zagreb
2009 Dopust, Split
2008 4th Croatian Triennial of Drawing, Glyptotheque Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb
2008 BJCEM, 13th Biennial of Young Artist, Bari
2008 Croatian selection from 13th BJCEM, Museum of modern and contemporary art, Rijeka
2007 5th International Triennial of Graphic Art, Town Hall, Prague
2007 Split Graphic, Old Town Hall, Split
2007 100 Years of Gojak, City Gallery Antun Gojak, Makarska
2006 4th Croatian Triennial of Printmaking, Glyptotheque Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb

2006 Test!7, SC Gallery, Zagreb

Workshops and residencies:

2018 Lightning Guerilla Lab, OSMO/ZA, Ljudmila, Ljubljana
2017 De Liceiras, Porto, Portugal
2007 Art for Social Transformation, Cittadellarte, Love Di erence, Fundacione Michelangelo, Pistoletto, Biella
2006 Komikaze, Pichwise, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2006 Interaktiv, workshop with Mladen Stilinović, organized by Andreja Kulunčić, SC Gallery, Zagreb

2005 Komikaze, Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

Awards and grants:

2008 Award for the best graduation work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb

2006 Honorary mention, 4th Croatian Triennial of Printmaking
2006 Commendation of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb
2008 CEEPUS, UNI, AUO, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2007 Grant of City Makarska

2006/2005/2004 Grant of Zagreb University

2003/2002 Grant of City Makarska


Catalogue – Beyond the Globe, 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art U3. Edited by Boris Groys, 2016

Richard Noyce: Critical Mass: Printmaking beyond the Edge, 2010
Ružica Pepelko: Catalogue text for the exhibition ‘You have already seen this on lms’, Cabinete of Graphics, Zagreb, 2010

Interview for the exhibition “Black and Green”, Galley VN, 2009

Operacija:Grad, Priručnik za život u neoliberalnoj stvarnosti, 2008

Ružica Pepelko, Magazine Grafika 12 – 15, 2008
Lovorka Magaš, Magazine Grafika 16 – 17, 2008
Marina Baričević: Mediterranean fascination, 2007