Generated Animation / Installation
Coauthor Boštjan Čadež
Exhibited: Beyond the Globe | 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3, curator: Boris Groys, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, 2016; MFRU, 22nd International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor, 2016; City of Women, exhibition Zig Zag, Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana, 2015; Haustor Gallery Liberspace, Zagreb, 2014;

Tekstom(l)at is a real-time generated animation programmed to randomly pick parts of the given text and render them into a collaged body of words. The shape of the projection and the source text of Tekstomlat changes with every exhibition depending on the architecture, and the concept of the event.


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Lina Rica, Boštjan Čadež


“A real-time generated animation Tekstom(l)at by the Croatian-Slovenian duo Lina Rica and Boštjan Čadež transforms linguistic space into a rhizomatic structure in which linear reading is replaced by a multidirectional link between text (on the subject of feminist theory – transfeminism, posthumanism, performing arts) and external, empirical processes of nonlinear reading and thinking.”

Lenka Đorojević

Tekstomlat at Zig Zag exhibition curatetd by Lenka Đorojević for festival Mesto Žensk 2015, Škuc, Ljubljana