8112016 19001915

Video, Full Hd

15 min

VideoWall, Ljubljana, 2016

Video 8112016 19001915 is a document that contains personal and historical data about time and place. It consists of two parts: the first depicts real-time statistical data on population, governments, economy, society, media, environment, food, water, energy and health, which the artist recorded during 15 minutes on 8th November 2016; in the second part we see the author, who has her back turned towards the camera, sitting in front of a computer and creating a web site, which is at the same time already included in the overall web statistics. The newly created webpage depict two windows. In the first one is an animation, where a bright dot is traveling on a drawing of a circle on a black background. In the second window a QR code is displayed, after it is scanned another QR code appears and only after the tenth scanning are we led to the first, initial QR code.


With the juxtaposition of the digitized world’s statistics and a personal input in the lists of numbers, the video implies a reflection on the modern understanding of identity and privacy, the inevitable integration into society and with it the associated smallness and on the other hand, the grandness of our stories. Despite there being a story behind every number, at the end it is just a part of a statistic.